freelancing chaos

Adventures in the Screen Trade by William Goldman is a great book. I read it while I was doing my master’s in Belfast. Goldman’s voice is nice-avuncular cynical, kinda like Kurt Vonnegut except he talks about his daughter more.

One of the things he writes about working in Hollywood is that you get fired a lot, at the drop of a hat. I remember when I read that, I was like, sweet. Really. I think it’s great to be changing things up all the time. Instability doesn’t bother me, and really, if you are gonna get fired it’s for the best, right? It hardly does you any good to be working with people who were gonna fire you but didn’t because it wasn’t a nice thing to do.

Haha, so my point is I just got fired from Porter Novelli. My coordinator from the school (Hamer Sharp, school that wasn’t paying me on time) says it’s because Porter is ceasing their contract with us due to internal issues.


2 responses to “freelancing chaos

  1. gah!

    could there possibly be silver lining in that it makes you able to come to Miami? Although, presumably it could really affect your budget.

    Here’s to you finding consistent but flexible freelance!

    • thanks, dude. i did consider it, but i think no va. AS MUCH AS IT CONTINUES TO PAIN ME, ha.

      i am starting to think this no miami thing is like a spiritual discipline, passover or something. no wait, ramadan.

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