bye, Carrie! borders

My sister left Mexico today more or less for good. It’s complicated for her to work here, at least as a nurse, because medical training is allocated differently among doctors and nurses from how it is in the U.S. She’s basically underqualified to be a doctor and overqualified to be a nurse, lack of Spanish fluency aside. But I think she really wants to stay.

I tried to tell her, BORDER TOWNS. She could live in Mex and work in the US, like my hero and college roommate Mikhaela Payden-Travers did. Big demand for ER staff?

Carrie, seriously. If you are reading this. Juárez gets really good DJs passing through. There must be something there besides narcos.

I still think the border situation is being exaggerated. Only because that is the standard thing to do in journalism.

¡Güey, no mames, I want you to keep living in México!


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