el mundo nuevo in europe

If we can take minimalist techno as a divining rod– and why couldn’t we– European hipsters seem to be really loving the hispanoparlante new world. I keep hearing Latin American Spanish sampled in really dope mixes coming out of the Euro minimalism scene.

Some downloads for you:

Rebekah Aff’s Electronic Groove podcast
extensive Spanish
René van Munster’s Moody Martians mix for Boncker
(scroll down to sesiones secretas #4)

There are lots more I have heard. The Latin America – Europe musical alliance can also been seen with dudes like Ricardo Villalobos, Gui Boratto, Monoblock, Matías Aguayo, and Alexi Delano. All very excellent minimalist artists whom I encourage you to check out.

Obviously this is on top of the whole cumbia fascination (I will refer you to Optimo’s cumbia mix for Beats in Space).


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