privacy: legal vs social

note to self (and the entire internet). please explore the absurdity of the following:

not wanting to label myself agnostic on a bureaucratic form that maybe 3 or 4 people would see and then file away, because “divulging my beliefs is getting a little personal”


discussing my beliefs in detail on a blog entry that has so far gotten 3,300 hits and will remain publicly accessible until, and possibly after, the apocalypse

actually, i don’t think it’s irrational. it’s more a question of principle; ie, to what extent my spirituality is a legal or civic concern. i didn’t say it wasn’t a public concern. ha.


4 responses to “privacy: legal vs social

  1. What you share on your blog is your choice and being done on your own terms. That is the difference.

    • Yes, you are right. No need for me to analyze it to the abstract levels of laws and the public… it’s just about free will. Thank you for commenting!

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