Remissions = money Mexican (im)migrants in the US send back to Mexico. It’s a significant source of income for Mexico.

I researched remissions a little when I was teaching that class to Cuban güey at the Centro de Estudios Migratorios. He told me there exist several Mexican state and local programs to match remissions which are invested in public infrastructure here.

El Universal just ran an article about the Fed and Banco de México cooperating in a program for US banks called “Direct to Mexico,” which offsets the cost of transferring remissions payments. Apparently it started in 2003 (the Bush administration) and expanded to the general public in 2005, but it is just not widely used or known.

In addition to this, the Mexican government has a significant outreach program to help Mexicans living and settled in the US with accessing stuff like finance, insurance, and schools. The Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior. Here is a paper from the Migration Policy Institute looking into it. It’s like consular services on steroids. It’s supported by local governments and nonprofits in the US.

We’re totally becoming the same country.


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