post-sir mix-a-lot

I’ve always considered myself lucky to have hit puberty when I did. More or less, it was the summer “Baby Got Back” came out. Right when I needed him most, Sir Mix-A-Lot was there to tell me that natural-looking bodies are ideal. I never really had any body-image problems after that.

Living in Mexico, more or less sheltered from primer mundo media (though of course you can get it if you want it), my eyes have REALLY adjusted. The media here has its own perception problems, but it doesn’t distort the size of women nearly as badly as the US and European media.

So now, whenever I see a woman who is thin, either on TV or in real life, I actually tend to react to it. “WHOA, girl, get some meat on you.” Sometimes I have to remind myself that wait, some chicks actually are shaped like that naturally.

Before living here, unless I saw a woman who was obviously underweight, I normally wouldn’t bat an eye.



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