echando the spanglish

I guess my Spanish is coming along, how about that. The milestone I passed is that of getting comfortable enough to come up with off-the-cuff remarks that approximate my sense of humor and attitude in English.

Today I described some people who “echar la locura.” This is not a phrase I have heard before. As far as I am concerned I made this up, although searching variations of it gave me about 150 Google results.

Google translates the phrase as “casting madness.” Echar is used more colloquially than casting though. It’s got a variety of senses, but the basic idea is metaphorical “tossing,” or “casually throwing around.” You echar chelas (throw back some beers), echarle el ojo (check someone out: “throw him the eye”), echar una mano (lend a hand).

So the phrase I used, “echar la locura,” literally means “tossing the craziness.” But in wider use, to me at least, it meant something along the lines of what I would probably express in English as “bringing the crazy.” …Bringing the motherfuckin ruckus, if you will.

Wu-tang, if you are reading this, “traiga el pinche puto ruido” would be a common English-to-Spanish translation of “bring the muthafuckin ruckus.”

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my goal isn’t exactly to think in Spanish. It’s okay if I can sound like I do, but I prefer the idea of thinking in Spanglish. Because of making shit like this up mainly; it’s fun.

“Tirar una fiesta” is another good one, though that’s a direct translation of a common English phrase (throw a party). The phrase doesn’t exist that way in Spanish, but we intentionally leave it in English thought for effect. The point is that people understand it, and, I believe, appreciate it. Indeed, I have heard it among native Spanish speakers who spend a lot of time around English.


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