letter to lil wayne in jail

I definitely spent hours writing and editing a letter to Lil Wayne today. It started out as an impulse, with the thought that maybe I would stop fixating on the situation if I wrote a letter to him that I didn’t intend to mail. However, it turned into a whole project as I started to realize that the time I was spending kinda meant I was going to have to send it to him. So I hunkered down and made it into an actual piece of communication to Weezie the man himself.

Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC)
Dwayne Carter NYSID# 02616544L
10-10 Hazen Street
East Elmhurst, NY 11370

June 7, 2010

Dear Lil Wayne,

I want you to know that although I am sure you thought long and hard about pleading guilty, I think you should’ve been able to win your case on a not-guilty plea. Of all the people in the world with access to fancy lawyers, you are probably at the top of the list of the ones who deserve freedom. Just judging by all the creative ways you use it.

I hope you like the picture I enclosed. I am from Virginia, but I live in Mexico, and I took the picture at the beach I went to for my birthday last month. The town is called Barra de Navidad, on the Pacific coast. How much Spanish do you know? Barra de Navidad means “Christmas Sandbar.”

The town’s church is famous because its Jesus was knocked down during a hurricane, and his arms were broken at the shoulders. Now his arms hang by his sides instead of being spread out on the cross. The church has him on display lying down in a glass box.

Anyway, I wish you the best. Thank you for all the amazing music you have made.

Kind regards,

Mary Claire

Mary Claire Whitaker
— — — — — —
Col Roma Norte, Del Cuauhtémoc
CP 06700, México, DF

P.S. I like your blog. If you ever write a book, I will definitely look forward to reading it.

While I was writing the letter it occurred to me that he may well have pled guilty because ultimately he equated it to honesty.


thoughts are with you, weezie

So I have continued to turn over in my head the injustice of Lil Wayne going to jail for a year just for gun possession. The burning question for me is, how does the most famous rapper in the US not have a lawyer capable of getting him off? Does that rule about rich people getting away with crimes still not apply for black people?

The only thing I can think is maybe there were worse charges threatened to be brought against him, and the gun thing was the compromise. I dunno, though, a year still seems like way too long for gun possession. He had to give up his passport, too.

The New York Times reported last year when he pled guilty:

In an interview, Mark Dwyer, the chief assistant district attorney, said that “the one-year sentence was appropriate,” rather than the two-year sentence permitted under the statute, because there were “difficult evidentiary issues” in the case.

“Evidentiary issues.” Google Chrome’s spell-checker is underlining that word as nonexistent.

Here’s the prison blog he started. I am glad he’s writing at least. He’s a smart dude.

die antwoord ascii porn

I was basking in some Die Antwoord, the South African, Afrikaansaphone rappers, in honor of the World Cup just now, and I decided I wanted to see if I could directly post their hosted full-length track Zef Side somehow via their webpage.

So I asked Google Chrome to show me the source code for their blog, and it totally gave me ASCII porn. DORKS! So awesome. And not surprising, really, given the artwork on their page and their lyrical content.

language nerd: will

This is a discussion I keep wanting to have with students when we use future simple language tense patterns. However, due to the fact that future simple is pretty basic-level stuff, I always have to bite my tongue.

“Do as you will.”

That can either mean “do what you will inevitably do” (because it is a definite future event, the simple future) or “do that which you will to do” (will in the sense of “wish”). To me it’s interesting to examine the relationship between the verb “to will” and its use as mode for discussing the future.

Like I said, nerdy.

detroit (no, i didn’t mean it like that)

I’m talking about the Big 3-Detroit, only tangentially related to ghetto tech.

I’m teaching a class to some students about to move to the US. They want help with buying cars, so I am doing some research.

Everyone seems to be recommending Detroit cars (cars.com, Chicago Tribune, Kelly Blue Book). I know Toyota suffered last year, but what happened?

Yes, I mean, I *know* what happened, but… here’s me thinking out loud, trying to organize a little:

– the near-liquidation of the US Auto Industry shook things up, caused us to reevaluate Detroit’s bad image. we all kinda knew US car companies were probably overcompensating in quality/value the last several years to make up for their horrible reputation, right?

– is US media favoring Detroit in a weird way in order to do its part?

– is Detroit actually delivering better quality products now that it’s been revamped?

– is the US public just supporting Detroit more now in general?


Image taken from motownedge.com without their permission.