detroit (no, i didn’t mean it like that)

I’m talking about the Big 3-Detroit, only tangentially related to ghetto tech.

I’m teaching a class to some students about to move to the US. They want help with buying cars, so I am doing some research.

Everyone seems to be recommending Detroit cars (, Chicago Tribune, Kelly Blue Book). I know Toyota suffered last year, but what happened?

Yes, I mean, I *know* what happened, but… here’s me thinking out loud, trying to organize a little:

– the near-liquidation of the US Auto Industry shook things up, caused us to reevaluate Detroit’s bad image. we all kinda knew US car companies were probably overcompensating in quality/value the last several years to make up for their horrible reputation, right?

– is US media favoring Detroit in a weird way in order to do its part?

– is Detroit actually delivering better quality products now that it’s been revamped?

– is the US public just supporting Detroit more now in general?


Image taken from without their permission.


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