thoughts are with you, weezie

So I have continued to turn over in my head the injustice of Lil Wayne going to jail for a year just for gun possession. The burning question for me is, how does the most famous rapper in the US not have a lawyer capable of getting him off? Does that rule about rich people getting away with crimes still not apply for black people?

The only thing I can think is maybe there were worse charges threatened to be brought against him, and the gun thing was the compromise. I dunno, though, a year still seems like way too long for gun possession. He had to give up his passport, too.

The New York Times reported last year when he pled guilty:

In an interview, Mark Dwyer, the chief assistant district attorney, said that “the one-year sentence was appropriate,” rather than the two-year sentence permitted under the statute, because there were “difficult evidentiary issues” in the case.

“Evidentiary issues.” Google Chrome’s spell-checker is underlining that word as nonexistent.

Here’s the prison blog he started. I am glad he’s writing at least. He’s a smart dude.

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