Not to be a jerk, but the Pledge of Allegiance really is poorly written. Check it:

I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands,
One nation under God, indivisible,
With liberty and justice for all.

It’s like 45 syllables long, and only 20 of them are important/not redundant. That number drops to 10 if you take out “the United States of America.” Also, allegiance to the flag? Okay I get it, but zzzzzzzzz. And, if we are going to be pledging to the flag, pointing out that the flag stands for the country is excessive.

We’ve got legalistic fluff written into a chant children are expected to perform daily for 12 years. Do schools still do it, I wonder.

We already know about how “under God” was added in the 50s to keep it from sounding Commie… I’m going to look into the Pledge’s origins. I call bullshit.

Happy Independence Day, estadounidenses! Let’s remember what it is we’re supposed to be independent from.


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