narcos, US consumers, and fairtrade

I know I’ve been posting about politics a lot. It’s because I’ve been working more closely with them recently.

Jorge Aldo tells me about a lot of balaceras that have been going on where he lives in Guadalajara. It’s shocking to me because Guadalajara is nice, like San Antonio or something. According to his friend who works with the police there, though, they expect the fighting to get worse because GDL is on a drug trafficking route.

When we start hearing stories from our friends, I think even regular joes begin thinking about what we can possibly do to help. And actually, intervening in cartel turf wars is not all that far-out. Individuals, specifically in the United States, can do something that would have a pretty immediate effect.

The cartels are throwing grenades and decapitating people and shooting in the streets because they are fighting for control of the drug trafficking routes that lead into the United States. Control of those routes is worth a lot of money, tens of billions… people in the United States buy a lot of drugs. Mexican mafia control about 70% of US drug imports.

So we as conscientious consumers could actually just start boycotting the narcotics industry. In the interest of fair-trade.

Of course I realize that some people’s pathological reasons for drug abuse supersede their consciences, but that is certainly not true for most. If folks thought about the fact they are paying for, encouraging, a gruesome war every time they “partook” I think it could actually make a difference.

Look at all the people who have stopped eating meat because they feel sorry for cows.

Also, I realize this is kind of what Reagan was trying to do in the 80s. I guess the reason they focused on fried eggs rather than the sociopolitical effects of the drug market is because fairtrade wasn’t yet a thing? I’m not really sure. Reagan also of course seemed more interested in attacking the political problem militarily than via consumer education.

I’m just going to throw this in for kicks:


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