brought to you by the letter k

Bugs me whenever I see the letter K in Spanish. Most often I see it in names borrowed/permutated from Norse-descended languages (Karla, Erick) or stupid internet/text message language (“tE KIErO mUCho!!!!!!!!..!/::/,” “por k?”).

I just saw “Irak” in one of the left-leaning newspapers. Sometimes you see it in “Kuba,” too.

Oh yeah, and in Starbucks, of course…

Always the letter K in Spanish seems to be linked with fads. I dunno, it bugs me.

Spelling, like so much else here, doesn’t seem to be as widely standarized as in English anyway. I see X, Ch, S, Z, V, and B getting switched around too. Funny because I would call Spanish pronunciation more “precise” than that of English– it pronounces the sounds more distinctly– but I guess for many people, a sound’s phonetic correspondence with only one letter is less crucial.


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