more bible shiz (jehovah’s witnesses)

I have another “courtesan” class, where I am paid to have intelligent conversations with powerful men. This dude has a quote from Nietzsche, that he typed and printed out on a piece of paper, hanging on the wall behind his desk. It is something about humanism, and sympathy and support being a waste of time– this guy of course printed out the Spanish, and I am trying to figure out what it is in English (so I can maybe talk about it with him in a future class).

I stumbled upon this one in the process:

The church is precisely that against which Jesus preached — and against which he taught his disciples to fight.

And it reminded me of something way interesting that happened while Laura and Jae-Young were here. We were checking out the Aztec ruins by the Zócalo, Templo Mayor, and these ladies came up to us speaking English. We knew they were selling something. “Do you ever wonder what happens to you when you die…?” Yeah, we’ve all heard that, at least where I’m from.

Anyway, I try to respect what I perceive as the sincerity of people whenever this happens, and we heard her out. As we did, she read us a passage from Ezekiel (thank you Samuel L Jackson/Tarantino for making it possible for me to remember which book…).

The passage basically said that when you die you cease to exist.

And that was all. She concluded, “so this is what the Bible tells us.”

Mind not blown until after she walked away and Laura confirmed that yes, this woman did actually just use that as a reason to persuade us to read the Bible.

I think that approach is seriously pretty brilliant.


4 responses to “more bible shiz (jehovah’s witnesses)

  1. did you keep the pamphlet she gave you? I think it was titled in English ‘what happens when you die?’ You know, she never really answered the question in full detail. I was surprised the witnesses were so blatant to tell us they have nothing to do with heaven, i thought they were all about the chosen few or something. Maybe that’s another christian sect that is avid with their recruitment too? who knows, she seemed pretty up front and honest i guess.

    I suppose the marketing angle as religion that’s palpable for atheists is really not a bad modern outreach plan. what did you say advertising was all about? finding common ground and then capitalizing on it?

    • haha i guess that is one way to put it– i would emphasize that “capitalizing on it” isn’t generally successful unless it truly is common ground, ie something that the customer is understands completely and sincerely wants.

      yeah jehovah’s witnesses have the same rep for knocking on doors as mormon’s.

      i still have the pamphlet, “what happens to us when we die?” i wouldn’t have saved it if not for her approach. i just now flipped through it, and it looks like they believe we are all just dead and will remain that way …until the resurrection. then everyone who accurately interpreted and executed god’s will will be raised and walk the earth once more.

      did i tell you about how jason’s mom and grandma didn’t want him cremated? it was because of this. nanny is bretheren, not a witness, but i guess she thinks something similar. if he’s cremated he can’t be raised. i guess as a rotten corpse with its arms sawed off he can be…

  2. So what happens to those who’ve already become soil? This whole resurrection idea is sounding more and more like a hellish horror flick. I liked this idea better with the simpler explanation that with death you cease to exist, but now it’s muddled with all these different kind of deaths and supernatural happenings and whatnot.

    So, right now we’re already dead? well that sounds pretty fucking cool! maybe the witnesses should team up with the mormons for yet another twilight novel/movie/recruitment effort. I mean, they’ve already got some things in common.

    • Yeah, I guess we are restored to our physical grandeur when the resurrection goes down?

      Heaven/death is life as we know it on earth. That is what I take from them; that I can back. Just not sure why it has to be after the second coming and not right now.

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