on loving tacos

One thing I love here, besides tacos, is that people who ask me what my favorite Mexican food is seem to think it’s delightful/funny when I say “tacos.” Then today in a new class of beginners, one of the students said his favorite food is also tacos, and the rest of the class all seemed to love it. So it’s not just my love for tacos that is delightful.

I guess saying your favorite food is tacos here is like answering “pizza” (which is pretty much my favorite food in English, along with hamburgers).


One response to “on loving tacos

  1. Something that is also fun, at the end of a night of silly, I have more than once been among a group of hungry drunk people moaning, “TACOOOOSSS… vamos por taacoooooss!”

    God, tacos rule.

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