donuts and esteem for my neighbors

I wish I had taken a picture of the donut truck donut, but it was so good that I had eaten it before the thought occurred to me… My second-favorite, Simpsons donuts (pictured) are the original thing that attracted me to 7-11. Later it was the 5-10pm donut hora feliz.

On a tree-lined street near my house, there is a man who sells donuts from an ice-cream style truck. The donut man is old and cute, probably around 65 with a chubby round Indio face, almond eyes and high cheekbones. He is always there in the mornings and afternoons, and the truck stays parked there even at night. The side panel of the truck is open during the day, though, and he has all the different donut varieties on display on angled shelves. I normally consider buying one when I pass him, almost daily, but never had. He was sitting on the curb enjoying one of his products this morning around 9:30 when I approached him on the way home from an early class.

Realizing I had no breakfast at home, and realizing I also wanted something sweet to enjoy with my morning Nescafé, I decided to finally buy one.

I picked out a big, glazed one topped with caramel icing. He put it in a paper bag for me, and I asked him how much– “once.” I thought he said “ocho” at first, but after handing him diez I realized, “no, 11.” “Perdon,” I said, and handed him another peso.

He thanked me sweetly, and I smiled but walked away thinking, “Man, did my fixed-price Gringo consumer mindset just get the better of me, again?” “Did I just get ripped off?” The donuts in 7-11, which are pretty good, are only 8 pesos, and 7-11 has way more overhead. Once pesos is nearly a dollar, for a donut. I figured, well, I will enjoy it; I don’t have to buy from him again.

Got home, made my Nescafé, and bit into the donut. And it started to hit me. Soft, fluffy bread but with a delicate, crispy outside… the cool icing was flakey-firm on top and creamy underneath. It was definitely better than the 7-11 donuts. Okay.

And I think it might have been better than Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme here is AMAZING. Krispy Kreme donuts here I think are 12 or 15 pesos apiece.

The man knows the value of his product.

I guess I am old enough by now to have developed my own rules for living, and one of them that has emerged is definitely “Try not to underestimate anyone, ever.” I underestimated the donut man. Good thing that didn’t stop me from buying a donut… Just a little reminder to stick to my principles.

3 responses to “donuts and esteem for my neighbors

  1. Yum. Is he the guy on Oaxaca, near the corner of Sinaloa? Forte Donuts or something like that? I should stop by tomorrow and pick one up. You’ve convinced me.

  2. Hi,

    I’m a librarian and we are producing an internal intranet page for Australian Library Week in May. We were wondering if you would mind us using your beautiful picture above to highlight a Library quiz we are running?

    The image won’t be used for commercial purposes as we are a government department library.

    We’d appreciate it!


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