Just add this to the #ilovemyaccountant file.

Her name is Edith, by the way, or Edita. Not sure if I mentioned that she wears black lipliner with beige lipstick already or not, but it bears repeating.

Anyway, I asked her advice on getting a fiador– cosigner– for my next lease. I want to be on the lease rather than continue to sublet because by doing so I can claim my rent as a tax write-off.

In any country, foreigners have the benefit of travel and rich experience but normally that balances out when they get shafted with stuff like credit. I don’t have a cosigner. I am asking bosses currently, but yeah, we’ll see.

I asked her about commercial cosigning services that were recommended to my by one of the bosses who has already turned me down. Edith is really professional anyway, but it was a delight to see her straighten up and give me an official bit of counsel:

“A ti te recomiendo que NO uses un servicio así; se van a cobrar un impuesto.”

I was like, yeah, but it wouldn’t be worth it? To save the money on my taxes?

She shook her head and explained to me that she would offer to cosign, but she’s already cosigned her house for a couple of relatives. But then she brightened up, “Podrías pedir a mi cuñado. Te lo haría.” Her brother-in-law, a former student of mine (and the reason she is my accountant), would be happy to do it.

To recap: my accountant advises me NOT to use a commercial cosigning service; she advises instead that I ask her brother-in-law to act as guarantor.

I’ll think about it.


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