cleaning lady

Mom, just so you know. I am cleaning my room tonight because of the fact that Sra Mary comes tomorrow.

Note: the word for cleaning lady is alma de casa. Yes that means “house soul.”


4 responses to “cleaning lady

  1. I think you’re actually referring to “ama de casa,” which is a housewife/homemaker/what have you. But that house-soul sentiment is really nice, and totally know what you mean about cleaning up for the cleaning lady. If you don’t, you’re going to find your stuff in odd places because they will put it away somewhere. These are OK problems to have.

    • d’oh! haha, well. thanks for being the first/only of the dozens i have platicared this to to point out the mistake. i think i may continue diciendolo mal… alma de casa. i will ask la sra mary what she thinks

      • Yeah, I think that’s one of those things that, for Mexicans, probably falls under the “charming immigrant mistake” category. I think you should stick with it.

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