Still haven’t checked out Chopo yet, but want to. Music tianguis, which developed under the PRI’s 60 years of protectionist policy prohibiting the import of music. Jacked up. So Chopo for years filled that gaping hole in the market by supplying an illegal supply of music.

(Funny, illegal supply of music is actually the reason why I haven’t been to Chopo yet, embarrassingly, in the 15 months that I’ve lived here. I don’t really shop for music anymore. Except vinyl. Except I don’t have a record player. I have bought cd’s on the metro, however.)

There is also a museum there that I didn’t know about– the Museo Universitario del Chopo, which is part of la UNAM. They’ve got an exhibition on right now called “Narco y las ecuaciones económicas perversas” by Eduardo Oblés.

I’ll go check it out. Tuesday is the museum’s free day, though I think Saturday is the big day for Chopo the market.

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