mercado sonora

The witchcraft market. Potions and stuff, a lot of San Judas, a lot of Santa Muerte, a lot of things designed to bring love and money to one’s life. Also black baby dolls similar to the one visible in my header image. Not sure what they’re for, but they’re cool. Also there are voodoo dolls and pets and candies and party favors. And during Día de los Muertos season, tons of disfraces.

I don’t really go in for the Chinese imports, but I am interested in a lot of the stuff this place carries. I can blow a nice chunk there, as I did today, on things like bulk sugar carry-all bags and honey and potted plants.

I mostly just went there today, though, to check out the Halloween action. They had a stage set up for a performance scheduled for later today, and even at 9am the place was heaving with gente.

One thing that happens as you (I) wander around there in awe of all the powders and oils and herbs and stuff is that EVERYONE asks, “¿Qué buscabas? ¿Qué buscabas?” What were you looking for?

It gets to a point where I stop answering. Then it gets to a point where I feel like a jerk. Then it gets to a point where I start answering again.

Reaching this point today, I considered my desire for natural cosmetics alongside the place’s bounty of complementary medicines. I’m not a big cosmetics person, but especially here in the non-dirty South my skin gets real dry, and I thought maybe my wish for small-batch moisturizing cream could be served.

So I finally answered, “Pues, hay crema… para las manos?”

The dude was like, “Yeah, at the farmacia.” (No, there isn’t a pharmacy in Mercado Sonora.)

“No… [silly!] como con hierbas!”

Then he (and two other dudes) proceeded to diagnose my cuida-piel needs with concha, combined with limón. They gave me some instructions to find the dude who sells concha– leave the market, bear left, enter another building, and ask for Rodrigo. Hm. They also said if I rascar (scrape) my skin I could achieve a more profound effect, though only one of them actually recommended this. And that after I apply it to my face I should go outside and look at the moon.

I laughed at that, and they were like, “Um, seriously.”

Then they asked me whether my eye-color is real or I wear contacts.

It was pretty sweet talking cosmetics with a bunch of straight dudes.

I never found Rodrigo.


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