Not a lot of places I hang out in here have air conditioning, though yeah I am sure there is plenty in the desert and beach resort areas. DF has a really really nice climate, though. Sometimes I think it’s too nice. And at any rate neither air conditioning nor central heating is necessary here. Most houses do not have it.

I didn’t wake up thinking about it because it was hot or anything. I woke up thinking about it because I’m going to Miami in a couple of weeks, and I was realizing there will be air conditioning in every building.

It was funny to me what a strong association air conditioning carries. The contrast with the outdoors, from what I know anyway– thin brittle sterile cool air indoors, moist robust warm air outdoors. How the house feels when you walk in from the heat. They say Atlanta would never have been what it is today without air conditioning.

It’s kinda weird that I haven’t really been in a/c in over a year. I was never really one to use it in Virginia– I didn’t even have a window unit in my apartment, preferring to point a fan at myself to evaporate the sweat– but still you’re always in it up there, at work, the grocery store, wherever.


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