el face

Facebook (I think?) automatically “detects” my preferred language. Or maybe I set it to Spanish and it just messes up a lot. But either way, my Facebook more often than not appears in Espanglish. It’s pretty funny. More than once I’ve even gotten sentences parsed with both languages: “Audi Fivethou ha compartido un enlace on your wall,” for example.


sally mann

Just saw the Sally Mann exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts today. If it weren’t completely amazing I wouldn’t be bothering to mention it on here.

My favorite parts were the Polaroids, the Civil War battlefields, the body farm, and the color pictures of her kids at the river. I would like to buy one and incorporate it into my home.

She’s from VA btw (Lexington).

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active child – wilderness (houses remix)

Winter winter winter. Cold cold cold. Happy about all that, but being back is definitely opening up some subjects for debate. (Mainly bc of reminding me how far I am from everybody here.) I suppose my expressed will to stay in Mexico indefinitely means less if I don’t question it thoroughly and review it periodically.

new paper route gangstaz!

Rad. One of the many highlights for me of being back in VA is hearing WRIR, the community radio station I used to work at. I got to hear Christian Hendrickson’s hip hop show last night, This Modern Beat. And because of that I got to hear a new single from PRGz.

Sorry if there’s an ad before that. If it helps ’em pay the bills I guess. Also does that sample sound like Men Without Hats?

background check/truths out there

Here is a topic I have mentioned before– background checks.

One of the reasons I started blogging again last year is that I want control over where information about myself is accumulated on the internet. That’s not like, how the thought occurred to me, but it’s more or less why. I think about the truths that are out there.

Along that line of thought is the idea of scraping together all the information that’s about a person on the internet, or even in real life. I guess that’s sort of what happens in background checks. A file is compiled tracing your movements in life, based on stuff you do, records, stuff a lot of different people say about you.

I think it’s difficult to commission a security clearance investigation on yourself. Probably not really done, or even possible. But I would like to do that. According to an about.com entry on clearance investigations, costs range from a couple hundred to fifteen-thousand dollars according to level and complexity of the investigation. (This entry also uses the word “microfilm,” so perhaps costs are higher.) It could be worth it, though.

Unfortunately, even when the appropriate people authorize an investigation on another person, depending on the level of clearance the person being investigated isn’t normally privy to findings. So I don’t know. Of course, if I could find someone who would let me commission my own investigation, that person would probably also show me the results.

This is getting too existentialist. Cut.

Oh, but here’s something. Maybe I have written it on here already, but after Jason died, when I was still grieving, sometimes I would “look for him” on the internet. He wasn’t into putting himself out there, so there isn’t really anything. Actually there is nothing. And believe me, I am really good at finding stuff online. I satisfied myself a little by logging into his yahoo mail account occasionally and deleting the junk, checking for contact, and there wasn’t anything… There, I just logged in again. Still all junk.

Hm, and here is something else, actually, also from that period. When I was getting ready to move back from the UK permanently, it was right before Valentine’s Day. So I mailed myself a Valentine’s Day card in the US before I left. I received it in time. I wonder if I still have that. Probably in a box somewhere.


[Update 25 Dec 2010 10:36 AM: Yahoo kept me signed into Jason’s account without my realizing it, which made his address vulnerable to spambots. So this morning I received an “email” from him, spam. It didn’t get trapped in my spam folder because he’s still on my contacts list. Haha, Merry Christmas.]

purely coincidental

“This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.”

It just dawned on me in a new way how retarded that disclaimer is. I mean, I already knew it was a crock anway– I was in grad school when that whole JT LeRoy thing happened; I worked in a bookstore when Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was huge– I get it. But it just hit me now in a more legalistic way.

I don’t think I ever really understood how hypocritical playing the law actually is before I moved to Mexico, where they don’t seem to do it as much as in other places that I’ve lived.

I used to want to be a lawyer when I was a kid. Actually was still considering law school up until a few years ago.