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Periodically I roll around in nostalgia for college, because it was really fun and gut-wrenching at the same time. Because of the classes, mainly, but other stuff too. Recently I’ve been doing it a lot because I am applying for an academic job, teaching high-school English at a private school here in Mexico City. As part of the recruitment process, I was asked to provide my academic transcripts. Just got the ones in from William and Mary. Freaking unreal the time this paper represents. Though I do wish I had managed more than 4.3 classes or so per semester– imagine all the ridiculous electives I could have taken if I wasn’t so bent on having a good time outside of class, too.

Anyway, here is a sample. My worst and best semesters, grade-wise.

Okay, first the worst. That was senior year, and I had just returned from my first trip alone abroad crazying around Ireland and deciding I wanted to move to Belfast:

Fall 2002
ENGL 407 – Sem Non-Fiction Writing 3.00 A 12.00
GOVT 338 – Latin Amer Politics 3.00 C+ 6.90
GOVT 410 – Sem: Brit Govt/Pol 4.00 B- 10.80
HIST 329 – Modern Chinese Hist 3.00 C 6.00
Ehrs: 13.00 GPA-Hrs: 13.00 QPts: 35.70 GPA: 2.74
Good Standing

And my best semester:

Spring 2001
ART 211 – 2-Dimensional Fdns 3.00 A 12.00
ARTH 252 – Survey: Art Hist II 3.00 W 0.00
ENGL 352 – Modern British Lit 3.00 B+ 9.90
ENGL 413 – Chaucer 3.00 A- 11.10
INTL 390 – Culture of Cold War 3.00 A 12.00
Ehrs: 12.00 GPA-Hrs: 12.00 QPts: 45.00 GPA: 3.75
Dean’s List
Good Standing

CULTURE OF THE COLD WAR PROFESSOR KAGANOVSKY REPRESENT. Haha I totally wrote my final paper for that course on the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, all three movies. (Doc goes to the moon at the end of Part III!) And how about that Chaucer?

Looking back, I can honestly say that most of the courses I did poorly in were HARD. Modern Chinese History? Latin American Politics?

Okay I kind of sucked at Econ and Biology, too. But I think my Econ professor was an alcoholic, so. Oh, and I did get a C+ in Physics too Spring of freshman year. That one was disappointing, because I really like math. But I was super-depressed that semester, really hard (though ultimately rewarding) time emotionally.

Two other mars to my record would be the two W’s, my two course withdrawals. Above, in Spring 2001, you can see I withdrew from Art History. As previously alluded to by my sucking at Bio, I hate memorizing stuff. Which is basically all surveys of Art History seem to be, at least they did to me at the time. The other W: PHIL 301 SYMBOLIC LOGIC. Other disappointment. Again, because I really like math. Even though it was “math” from the Philosophy department, I thought I would be good at it. But I feel like 2/3 of the class got a D, so at least I’m not the only one who just didn’t get it.

One last indulgence: I TOTALLY took a GOVT course called “Terrorism” the Summer before 9/11. The visiting professor was a government dude from Los Alamos. I ended up writing about Peruvian group Sendero Luminoso, though I’m not sure exactly what I would have had to say on that subject. Except maybe something like, huhhuhuh, Tupac (Amaru).


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