69 – desire

69 is a Carl Craig project. All this Carl Craig action. It’s because I just listened to a great interview he did on Benji B’s show on Radio 1.

They also talked about this Detroit radio dj from back in the day called the Electrifying Mojo. This is my note to self to try to dig up some archives of the guy’s show.


haha very funny

So I am now prescribed physical therapy. Well, I have to get a back massage 3x a week for the next three weeks, actually.

I went to meet with the rehab doctor to discuss my needs regarding this last Thursday. She, like all of my other doctors here, seemed to wonder why I was making such a big deal out of a little back pain. Perhaps because of my gringaness, no sé. Gringos are generally more uptight than Mexicans, whom one might generally characterize as being superchill. Anyway stereotypes are dumb, but she sort of demonstrated maybe I was being anal/hypersensitive by trying to find the sore spots on my back.

“Does that hurt?” “No.” “Éso?” “No.” “Ve a la derecha?” “No.” “Aquí?” “No.” “Does anything hurt?”

I swear it does. Just generally feels sore in different spots all the time. But after she sort of laughed at me for this I felt the need to explain myself. It’s not the pain that bothers me per se, it’s the fact that there is something causing it. To illustrate I use the snowboarding concern.

“Look, mira, es que me gusta snowboarding. Not that I can do it much here, but quiero hacerme segura que estoy 100% antes que I go again… etc. ”

She gave me the look probably many snowboarding or skiing orthotics patients have seen from their physicians. “No hagas éso por mucho tiempo.” Don’t do that for a long time.

She started to write out my physical therapy prescription.

“Can I do yoga?” I asked.


“What about jogging?” (I don’t actually jog– I just walk really fast everywhere.)

“Eres muy activa, ¿no?” Yes, I guess I am kind of active. “Por lo menos hasta que te recuperes y empieces a sentirte 100%, si necesitas hacer algo para tranquilizarte, te recomiendo natación.”

Swimming, of course. If I need to chill out and and want to scratch my apparently anxious itch for physical activity, she recommends I swim.

“Just try not to do any diving,” she said.


The safety advice sign at the pool of the Hotel Camino Real, where my friend Samantha and I snuck in to escape the heat this afternoon. “Efectuar clavados” is the first prohibition.

planned parenthood petition

I actually think it would be nice to continue allowing the Federal Government to support Plant Parenthood, but I have not signed their petition that’s circulating on the internets because I don’t like the way its worded.

The first section, directed to the House, starts off with the question, “How could you?” Gag me with a spoon.

Not that Congressmen will actually read it, which I guess Planned Parenthood realizes. The importance of a petition like this will be the number of people who sign it. Which to me means it’s worded that way to attract readers. And I guess Planned Parenthood somehow thinks that means the tone should sound shrill, victimized, and self-righteous.

I don’t want my name on it.

They should instead just send a letter to Congress noting the percentage of women in the country who use their and similar clinics’ services. And of course they should highlight the huge number of women who have availed of abortion services, the main reason people care about this issue.

Apparently the current goal for number of petition e-signatures is 150,000. Compare that to themillion or so women who have an abortion each year. That adds up to about 1 of every 4 women who has gotten one, and about 1 in every 3 who will have had one by the time she goes through menopause.

¿crees que soy sexy?

Here’s a Colombian cumbia cover, by Systema Solar, of Rod Stewart’s “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” I heard this last night in my local (a small mezcalería a couple blocks from my apartment).

I was talking to my roommate about the popularity of cumbia among gringo hipsters. She could see the appeal but noted we didn’t grow up hearing it at weddings like most Mexicans do, so we lack the cheeseball memories and associations with it that they have. When Rupture dj’ed cumbias here in DF last year, several of my Mexican friends were like, no, this isn’t what I was hoping for.

I realized I like specifically the genre of electronic cumbias, which this song is an example of.

Also I like that the noun cumbia is countable.

soul food

Lesley, te aviso de los tacos soul food. Pensaba en que los hacemos cuando está mi comadre Kristen.

I can’t tell if it’s somehow wrong for me to post this song, but I’ll risk it. It’s fucking good.

My old boy from the point but I’m from Southwest
And every now and then I get put to the test
But I can’t be stopped ’cause I gotta come true
Ain’t got no gun but I got my crew

Didn’t come for no beef ’cause I don’t eat steak
I got a plate of soul food chicken, rice and gravy
Not covered in too much, drinking a cup of punch
Tropical every last Thursday of the month

Daddy put tha hot grits on my chest in tha morning
When I was sick Mary had tha hot soup boiling
Didn’t know why but it felt so good
Like some waffles in the morning headed back to tha woods

Now I’m full as tick got some soul on blast in tha cassette
Food for my brain I haven’t stopped learning yet
Hot wings from Mo-Joes got my forehead sweating
Celery and blue cheese on my menu next

Southern Fry won’t allow my body to lie still
Tied face goons surround me like cancer drill
Me with second-hand obstacles but
Only to make matters worse
Plus I’m getting pimped by this temp lady Jackie
From Optima staffing niggas laughing
Shut up clown don’t talk to me like that looking stupid of course
Living day by day and you ain’t hard, trick hell you say

It’s such a blessing when my eyes get to see the sun rise
I’m ready to begin
Another chance to get further away from where I’ve been
But I’ll never forget
Everythang I went through I appreciate the shit because
If I had went and took the easy way
I wouldn’t be the strong nigga that I am today
Everythang that I did, different thangs I was told
Just ended up being food for my soul

Come and get yo’ soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free
As good as it can be
Come and get some soul food

Sunday morning where you eating at?
I’m on 1365 Wichita Drive, ol’ bird working the stove ride
Churches dropping chicken in yesterday’s grease
Didn’t go together with this quart of Mickey’s
Last night hanging over from a good time, yeah beef is cheaper
But it’s pumped with red dye between two pieces of bread
Shawty look good with dem hairy legs
Wish I could cut her up but, ma stomach come before sex
A house full of hoes now what’s the ingredient
Spaghetti plus her monthly flow

They know they making it hard on the yard
Fuck Chris Darden, fuck Marsha Clark
Taking us when we’re in the spotlight for a joke
Changing by the day I see it’s getting bigga in my square
Looking at Lenox from the outside with a stare no money to go inside
Tameka and Tiffany outside tripping
And skipping rope to the beats from my jeep
As I speak wuz up from the driver seat

A heaping helping of fried chicken
Macaroni and cheese and collard greens too big for my jeans
Smoke steams from under the lid that’s on the pot
Ain’t never had a lot but thankful for the little that I got
Why not be fast food got me feeling sick
Them crackers think they sick
By trying to make this bullshit affordable
I thank the Lord that my voice was recordable

Come and get yo’ soul food, well well

Hold up C it’s what I write and Miss Lady acting like we in jail
Says she ain’t got no extra hush puppies to sell
Bankhead seafood making me hit that door
With a mind full of attitude it was a line at tha beautiful
JJ’s Ribshack was packed too
Looking to be one of dem days when Momma ain’t cooking
Everybody’s out hunting with tha family looking for a little soul food

Come and get yo’ soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free
As good as it can be
Come and get some soul food

Come and get yo’ soul food, well well
Good old-fashioned soul food, all right
Everythang is for free