full metal jacket

On New Years Day my sister and I went shooting on our parents’ land in Virginia along with a dozen of her friends. Three of them are responsible gun owners, and among them they had enough weapons for us to take turns into what amounted to about four hours’ worth of target practice, with about $20 worth of ammunition each.

Of course some photos came out about this, which ended up on Facebook. This is somewhat controversial among my Mexican friends, understandably. The war going on down here is being fought with assault weapons smuggled in from the United States.

I don’t really feel apologetic about my rights, so I haven’t apologized, but I have maybe felt the need to justify myself for playing with guns. People aren’t very open to hearing it, but I think I was kind of a little successful the other day after watching Full Metal Jacket and trying to tell my friend that it wasn’t just his Blu-Ray and HD TV, or even the brilliance of Stanley Kubrick, that made me flinch whenever someone was torn apart with bullets in the film. It was remembering how the Colt 45 felt and sounded each time it blew up in my hands.


2 responses to “full metal jacket

  1. Yeah, but were you actually “playing” with guns? I doubt you were like shooting them up in the air or something. I don’t feel like going out and learning to be proficient and safe with a gun is a terrible thing to do, but maybe that is because I enjoy being capable of doing a lot of different kinds of things.

    I have a few friends who are both frightened of guns and have never shot one in their lives, and so I think the reality and the physicality of the gun, and the fact that it’s just a THING, is not on their radar.

    I been talking to you about guns a lot.

    • No, I was being blasé, you’re right. We weren’t playing with them; we were actually taking them pretty seriously. That’s why watching Full Metal Jacket shook me up a little, because I had been pretty frightened while I was shooting. And yeah, feeling that thing explode in my hand made me realize how much it would suck to have a bullet rip through you.

      Next step I guess, a visit to Ciudad Juarez?

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