So a lot of my social correspondence now takes place on twitter (see my feed below), and the other day I retweeted an announcement from Revista Marvin that Slash has added a second date to his Mexico City engagement next month at Salon José Cuervo (“Joe Crow,” a venue about the size of the Black Cat in DC).

My friend León, a really big G’n’R fan, saw this and was like, “You like Slash? You wanna go? I didn’t think you would be interested…” Well, I wasn’t interested, not really. I had just tweeted it as like a goat-fingers salute to Slash.

But then, I thought, what does that say about how I really feel about Slash? It says that I think he’s awesome. A legend. And plus the venue is small.

“Okay,” I told León. “Once I get paid I’ll tell you, and we’ll get tickets.”

An hour later he sends me a message that he’s bought the tickets. “Sorry, I get really excited about concerts.”

So now I’m sitting around getting excited about going and realizing, wait, Slash really IS awesome. I would actually pay the entire 500-some pesos just to hear him play this one riff a few times:

or this one

or this one

Also, thanks to my friend Connor’s suggestion, I may dress up as Slash for the concert.

Link: Slash’s 10 Favorite Guitar Riffs of All Time, from Paste Magazine.


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