risk tolerance

I was doing this financial assessment while back in the US and had to take a risk tolerance survey. It was kind of annoying but funny. Asked me things about my retirement plans (a.k.a. the year 2049) and emergency cash reserves (cough).

My favorite part was this:

I really wanted to put “thrill” because that’s how I would probably see financial risk in an ideal world. But I’m not living in an ideal financial world, so. “Opportunity” it is.

I recreated this on Facebook btw, and my friend who does risk management for a living was like, “volatility.” How’s that for objective?

Anyways, actually this friend gambles for fun, but I think in a really logical way. Like, he gambles with the odds. Sunday he bet on the Packers, favored 2.5:1. Which seems completely pointless to me. Where’s the thrill, in winning? Haha. No, to me it has to either be in losing, as I have written before, or in winning against unfavorable odds. But I’m not sure he gambles for thrills. I think he actually just gambles to win money. It seems like it works for him, too– go figure.

I guess I gamble for the thrill. Which is why I actually don’t gamble– I can’t afford financial thrills.

Just for kicks:


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