this dream i had

I mentioned it in my post about doctors and it may have been influenced by another post I did on the image of wings, but I want to give it its own separate entry because it’s funny.

Due to a spinal injury I had in November I’ve been having some back pain, and a few weeks ago the pain actually came into play in this dream I had. In reality I was due to go back to the doctor for a checkup that week.

When I went to the doctor in my dream, it was the head orthopedist, an older guy, and he told me that humans used to have wings back in ancient times but that since we have evolved away from flight we no longer grow them now. However, we still have the stumps for growing wings on our backs; they just sort of sit dormant.

My accident had disturbed the wings, I guess, and they were starting to sprout out, which was causing pain. I know this is in a movie somewhere, and probably also influenced by Black Swan, but anyway. The doctor was telling me my options. We could either bind them to hold them into place under my skin and hope that stunted them, or we could cut them off. Both were pretty normal procedures. I wouldn’t be the first person he had treated with this problem.

I was sort of nodding and assenting silently as he explained, but the whole time I was thinking, “Yeah, right. No, I’m not going to do that. I think… no, I think I’m just going to let them grow.”

That attitude, by the way, is not wholly out-of-line with thoughts I have when I am really talking to doctors.

Picture I took at the Tienda Nike in La Condesa.


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