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Jace Clayton has written a lot of cool stuff on what Fader is calling “post-digital” culture. He and some others from the magazine are doing research in Morocco this summer partially “to see how artists use digital technology creatively and on their own terms.”

I’m really interested in this. Clayton has written before on sort of pop-cultural (“hipster”) identities and how the internet homogenizes them. (I am looking for the article and no lo encuentro ahorita– maybe he didn’t write it¿? pero…) Specifically in Mexico, but I am sure it happens everywhere. What interests me about Mexican hipsters is the ones that aren’t into all the same shit as hipsters in Brooklyn; I’m interested in the ones who are advancing Mexican pop culture on, yeah, their own terms.

This is also interesting for me from the perspective that I am living here. I’m sort of part of this alt-hipster cultural cycle I analogize in my head with gentrification cycles. To oversimplify: something with character gets ruined when people without character take over.

Here’s something Clayton published in Fader on tribal guarachero. Also, this is pretty cool and includes music, from Clayton’s blog:, along with some interesting comments from founder Lauro Robles.


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