haha very funny

So I am now prescribed physical therapy. Well, I have to get a back massage 3x a week for the next three weeks, actually.

I went to meet with the rehab doctor to discuss my needs regarding this last Thursday. She, like all of my other doctors here, seemed to wonder why I was making such a big deal out of a little back pain. Perhaps because of my gringaness, no sé. Gringos are generally more uptight than Mexicans, whom one might generally characterize as being superchill. Anyway stereotypes are dumb, but she sort of demonstrated maybe I was being anal/hypersensitive by trying to find the sore spots on my back.

“Does that hurt?” “No.” “Éso?” “No.” “Ve a la derecha?” “No.” “Aquí?” “No.” “Does anything hurt?”

I swear it does. Just generally feels sore in different spots all the time. But after she sort of laughed at me for this I felt the need to explain myself. It’s not the pain that bothers me per se, it’s the fact that there is something causing it. To illustrate I use the snowboarding concern.

“Look, mira, es que me gusta snowboarding. Not that I can do it much here, but quiero hacerme segura que estoy 100% antes que I go again… etc. ”

She gave me the look probably many snowboarding or skiing orthotics patients have seen from their physicians. “No hagas éso por mucho tiempo.” Don’t do that for a long time.

She started to write out my physical therapy prescription.

“Can I do yoga?” I asked.


“What about jogging?” (I don’t actually jog– I just walk really fast everywhere.)

“Eres muy activa, ¿no?” Yes, I guess I am kind of active. “Por lo menos hasta que te recuperes y empieces a sentirte 100%, si necesitas hacer algo para tranquilizarte, te recomiendo natación.”

Swimming, of course. If I need to chill out and and want to scratch my apparently anxious itch for physical activity, she recommends I swim.

“Just try not to do any diving,” she said.


The safety advice sign at the pool of the Hotel Camino Real, where my friend Samantha and I snuck in to escape the heat this afternoon. “Efectuar clavados” is the first prohibition.

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