narco fashion

Here’s a piece the paper El Universal did on narco fashion. The fact that it’s morphed from the gold-toothed, white-suited norteño cowboy sombrerudos steez into something more designer. They quote author Élmer Mendoza:

“Yo divido a los narcos en tres grupos. Claro, puede ser más imaginación que realidad: los que llamo Los Pesados, que son los que siguen la moda antigua con vaqueros, camisas cuadradas, botas y cintos piteados, con joyas estrambóticas. Los Juniors, aquellos que usan marcas como Armani, Boss, Versace y Los Sport, que son los que hacen trabajo sucio, según opinó. “Son como las puntas. Ahí es donde se ven las playeras Polo, pero también otras.”

Haha, then they give a picture of mi paisano La Barbie as an example. Con su playera Polo.

I mean, these guys do drive 5% of the country’s GDP. They might as well look fly.

Not that I don’t think the sombrerudo steez isn’t fly also.


swimming pools

I snuck into another hotel pool. This one the Sheraton on Reforma, the one right next to la Embajada Gringa. I think I liked the Camino Real’s setup better– it was in a courtyard with nice landscaping, lots of space, and a bigger pool– but the Sheraton’s is on the roof with a pretty nice view of the city.

The word is “colarse”– sneak in, gatecrash. It actually literally means “seep.”

Yes, I think this is related to exorcising the residual trauma of my pool accident in November. But it’s also related to the love of lounging around nice hotels that I developed in my travels to Miami. I went through a shoplifting phase when I was a teenager (hi, Mom), to which colarme gives a similar thrill.