narco fashion

Here’s a piece the paper El Universal did on narco fashion. The fact that it’s morphed from the gold-toothed, white-suited norteño cowboy sombrerudos steez into something more designer. They quote author Élmer Mendoza:

“Yo divido a los narcos en tres grupos. Claro, puede ser más imaginación que realidad: los que llamo Los Pesados, que son los que siguen la moda antigua con vaqueros, camisas cuadradas, botas y cintos piteados, con joyas estrambóticas. Los Juniors, aquellos que usan marcas como Armani, Boss, Versace y Los Sport, que son los que hacen trabajo sucio, según opinó. “Son como las puntas. Ahí es donde se ven las playeras Polo, pero también otras.”

Haha, then they give a picture of mi paisano La Barbie as an example. Con su playera Polo.

I mean, these guys do drive 5% of the country’s GDP. They might as well look fly.

Not that I don’t think the sombrerudo steez isn’t fly also.


7 responses to “narco fashion

  1. Just want to make a note. I was talking to some gringos who live in the States last night, and they seemed to think the narcoviolence comes primarily from Calderón’s crack-down on the industry as busting into a hornet’s nest. While that certainly might be a big part of it, my impression is that more of it comes from the narcos fighting each other for control of the trafficking routes. The reason for the escalation in violence in that scenario is well-known in Mexico: it dramatically picked up when the US lifted our assault weapons ban in 2006.

  2. … so basically, Narcos dress just like everyone else? If I can’t trust anyone in a polo shirt, that doesn’t leave too many options. Are people in Chivas shirts safe? Because between Hollister and Chivas, that’s pretty much the entire fashion spread in Guadalajara…

  3. The other day I was at a table of about 8 people, and I realised I was the only guy not wearing a Hollister shirt. Guess I’ll never really fit in here.

    ps… like your note about the assault weapons ban. I didn’t know that. It seems VERY important.

  4. Thanks. I am actually relatively pro-gun. However, I think most people in the US who claim that they would support assault weapons being legal even if parts of the country were being consumed by a civil war are… lying.

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