I don’t know anything about it, but my sense is that people control the general tone of their voices. Sure it’s learned from a young age, but still I think most people are aware of how they sound and probably cultivate it at times, or at least roll with it.

Sometimes I meet people with really annoying voices. I remember wanting to sound like Sara Gilbert as Darlene on Roseanne when I was around 10. I know I semi-consciously adopted her jaded tone, which you kind of can’t do without sounding throaty.

Then later when I moved to Ireland after college I became really aware of how loud and nasally people from the United States sound by comparison. I think Irish and British people generally talk from their diaphragms more. And my voice downshifted accordingly, pretty much only coming from below the base of my throat unless I am excited. People back in the States started asking me to speak up more when we were in crowded places.


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