My college roommate Mikhaela lives in Tijuana. I recently went with her and her boyfriend to Veracruz, where his family lives. I took a lot of really awesome pictures around the fort and shipyard, but I didn’t download them before my phone got stolen. Anyway, this was the first time I have seen Mikhaela since 2008. So we were catching up and it wasn’t until then that I fully understood what she does for a living (working in San Diego).

I deleted the email with the name of the company, but she works for an alternative medicine organization that treats cancer with massive amounts of fruits and vegetables. The quantities ingested are so extreme that patients actually have no choice but that said plants be grown organically, because the toxins would be present enough to counteract any good done by the fruit and veg. Also apparently patients can’t usually work because so much of their day is spent preparing and ingesting. I asked her straight up if the treatment works. Yes, if started early enough. It works by equipping cells with enough nutrients that the body itself can fight the cancer. Far-out, I know.

Ever since learning this I have noticed really really wanting fruit and vegetables. I had already sort of turned some corners with this beforehand in terms of hangover cures, but now it’s like, anything anything anything I experience that I perceive as damaging or stemming from a problem in my body, I automatically think “fruit.” Or vegetables.

Craving a cigarette? Eat some fruit. Tired? Eat some carrots. Getting a cold? Obviously anything with vitamin c. The big manifestation of this has been my juice consumption. If you have been to Mexico City you know that there are juice stands everywhere. They sell tons of combinations of fruits and vegetables by the liter and half-liter. You can ask them for a recommendation of combos– I recently discovered watermelon with strawberry and lime this way. A long-time favorite has been vampiros, which is beet, celery, carrot, pineapple or orange or some variation. They can be or without added sugar, chuck in some grains if you want. Honey, powdered chocolate. It’s amazing. And it’s kind of becoming my diet, as I have been working so much and it’s fast and cheap, 20-30 pesos for a liter. I drink a liter of juice in lieu of a meal, and as I do so I imagine nutrients saturating my cells.


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