fm-3 replacement juansense

In the past I have posted exhaustive details about how I got my migratory documents lined up in Mexico. In keeping with my adventures in trámite land, I figured I might as well post an update on the ins and outs of getting your migratory documents replaced, should you ever lose them.

A) Do not follow the online instructions from the INAMI (migración) website. I found I was much better served by going in person to get the checklist of stuff I needed from the office. The process to ask for is called “reposicionar” (replacing).

B) I needed:
1. a POLICE REPORT saying I had reported the document lost/stolen (“extravio/robo”); in cases of extravio (loss) you can file this online and then go to the “virtual” police station correspondent at a real police station (Procuraduría General de Justicia aka Ministerio Público) and have them print and sign it. If it was stolen you have to go to the police station and report the crime, which took me about 2 hours. Make sure you ask them for the piece of paper that says you were there filing the report, as it might not occur to them to offer it to you. They are too busy fighting crime to think about stuff like that.

2. more photos. Exactly the same as you needed when you got your original FM. You can get them at a booth near the migración offices. The size is called “infantil” and you need 3 head-on, 2 profiles, hair pulled back and off your face, no jewelry.

3. Formato Básico (the one with the empty spaces for your finger prints that makes you describe your face and height and former jobs and stuff) and the Formáto to process a trámite. (You will have done both of these before, when you first applied for your FM).

C) you DO NOT need to pay if you are a “No Inmigrante.” The repositioning is free in that case. If you are an “Inmigrante” or “Inmigrado,” then yes you have to pay. It’s $840 for the Inmigrante, and I think $1000 something for the Inmigrado.

D) Drop your stuff off at the “reposicionar” counter. The line is a lot shorter there, at least at the DF office, so it might seem counterintuitive to go to that counter at first. But that is the correct counter.

E) Check your trámite status online (“dar seguimiento”). They asked me to fill out some additional forms online when I did that. I think they were confused by how I had filled out my Formato Básico, because some of the Formato Básico information was duplicated there. Also, they report that I can go back to the Migración office WAY sooner than the hag who was clearly having a bad day originally told me. She told me ten business days, and I think it took them in reality four.

F) That’s it, I think. I don’t actually have the document in my hands yet. I am going to get it tomorrow. So ojalá que todo salga correcto. Then I can go finally get my new phone plan activated (’cause yep, you need your migratory document to do that) and pick up my new Android!


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