palabra del día: pepenador

Avanzan negociones entre GDF y pepenadores.

Pepenador = trash picker. This news item from last week reports that with the pending closure of one of Mexico City’s landfills, at the end of 2011, trash pickers were blocking the plant’s entrances in protest of the fact that they had not been approached by the city governors about their job security. The government has since assured them that they will be able to retain their jobs via compost management.

I’m reading this as part of work I’m doing to put together a report on opportunities to sell clean technologies to Mexico. I think my favorite part of clean technology is definitely still recycling or waste management or whatever you want to call it. Just for the sheer neatness of reducing waste. I hate wasting stuff. In my head I have this word “pepenar” (literally “to scavenge”) as DUMPSTER DIVING!

Most of my home in the United States was furnished with items cast off by their original owners. Including my favorite piece, a large, framed Frank Stella print advertising a 1979 exhibition of his work in Tel Aviv. Yep, totally found that in an alleyway by some trash receptacles… one of the coolest things about the US, one of the things I miss the most, is scavenging. Thrift stores, basically. Such good pickens.

Here it’s obviously a bit different for pepenadores.


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