on the water tip

Nestlé recommends trading water like other commodities

Kind of freaked out by the concept of this… just thinking about jerks manipulating the market, but I guess they do anyway. I remember I lived in Northern Ireland when they started charging for water as a utility there. Ireland, one of the greenest countries on the planet, is that way because it gets a lot of rain, and water had previously been free. People were pissed with the change of course. But after about 30 seconds thinking about it I realized water is probably literally the last thing in the world people should be unwilling to pay for.

Not sure if that “economics” rationale should extend to Gordon Gekko or whatever, though. And I would probably take any recommendation from Nestlé on this matter lightly.


2 responses to “on the water tip

  1. In Bolivia a few years ago water was privatised. All water – even water from wells dug by remote communities – became taxable. The taxes were tiny by global standards but massive by Bolivian standards ($20 a month or something). Anyway there were rallies, protests and nation-wide strikes. Basically the whole country paralysed until the government intervened and repealed the privatisation. As far as I know water is still in state-run hands. Flip side; constant shortages/outages in the cities.

  2. also wouldn’t water costing more drive the price of everything else up, too? better than not having any water i guess, or water shortages. those will also drive costs up. hm.

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