back exercises

Today was my last day of physical therapy. And my first day with a new trainee (I go to the Cruz Roja Mexicana in Polanco, a training hospital). She gave me the best massage ever, without even asking me any questions, just knowing what my injury was. My other therapist was good, but she never did this in my 19 other sessions. This chick nailed everything that the real trainer therapist had not managed to focus on despite my trying to tell her.

I should have looked up the Spanish word for “shoulder blade” sooner I guess (éscapula— it would have been cool if I had known the Latin even).

Anyway, note to self. I also want to figure which gym to join here in DF. I want one with a pool and a sauna that isn’t superexpensive. Thinking the YMCA (“el güay”) might meet these criterion.

Locust pose, + Cobra pose (updog), child’s pose, mountain pose, windmill pose

Exercises to strengthen the multifidus muscle.


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