fines (multas)

Just reminded of this by Twitter. I’m following a bunch of government organizations for this new project I am working on. The following is a tweet by the DF Police, retweeted by the Secretaría del Medio Ambiente del DF:

por SMA_AmbienteDF
Recuerde que Esta Prohibido Estacionarse En las calles del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad, las Multas van a Partir de 10 dias de Salario Min

“Remember that it’s prohibited to park in the streets of the Centro Histórico. Minimum fines start at 10 days’ salary.”

Rather than flat rates, the city bases punitive fines on the offender’s monthly earnings. I will try to photograph a sign sometime.

[NOTE: thanks to two commenters below for clarifying it’s 10 DAY’S WORTH OF [current] MINIMUM WAGE (hence, “salario min”), not minimum 10 day’s wages, as I had interpreted. Slightly less interesting, though as K says the low amount that turns out to be– see C’s link– is probably worth a discussion.]


4 responses to “fines (multas)

  1. Yeah, I remember panicking when I was going to be fined a couple days minimum wage or something like that when I didn’t get my visa stamped when I left Mexico back when I was a student there. But it ended up being a miniscule amount (well, not entirely miniscule, but MUCH less than I had expected).

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