help me out

I got this shirt in 2006 in the men’s section at the H&M in downtown Edinburgh, but I have been getting a high amount of compliments on it lately. Who are these guys? I always say “they’re American writers,” but I just think that. I only recognize Edgar Allan Poe (ahem, because I worked at Richmond, Virginia’s Poe Museum for a day…!).

I had thought F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner. But Faulkner never had an eye patch did he? And I am second-guessing now the Fitzgerald even though I was pretty sure of that one, just because I can’t find this same profile engraved-looking image on google. Hm.

Also I think this shirt proves my friend Elizabeth’s assertion that H&M’s entire bag is finding stuff in thriftstores and then mass-producing it. Can you imagine finding this shirt in a thrift store? I would freak out.


One response to “help me out

  1. Melville, Twain, Kerouac and Pynchon…

    No really I have no idea, but that is a very rad, very faux-vintage shirt. I don’t understand the eyepatch though. And I thought the eyepatch one was Poe.

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