inappropriate things

In my last post about Juarez, I included this screenshot of the new video game Call of Juarez: the Cartel without judgmental comment or criticism. I just juxtaposed it to some stuff about war and neighborly oblivion. Mainly I didn’t say anything because I can’t really articulate how I feel about it. It just makes me uncomfortable, and I’m not sure exactly why.

That feeling reminds of this time I was in Atlanta. I was there for my friend Bree’s wedding, and naturally having flown in from Richmond I came a few days earlier to take part in the longer-range festivities, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party. The bachelorette party was a night out at this club Opera. There were like pools with Ferraris in them.

So a group of us, maybe 5, was hanging around on the patio and this older dude comes up. I was 26 or so then, so “older” was probably 34 or so. Anyway he was bald and kind of chubby and still wearing his suit. And he offers to buy us drinks. And we thought, “Why not.” So he comes back with the drinks we asked for. I think one of us went with him to help. But after the drinks were distributed, mine was missing. He cordially offered to get it; I declined, not really caring, but he didn’t want to leave me out, so he asked me again what I was having. I think it was a whiskey and ginger or a vodka and ginger. Another friend came up and he offered to go get her one, too. And so he goes and comes back, but only with her drink. And I was like, forget about it, but my friend began insisting.

And he turns around and says, look, why don’t you just take this. He is holding a fan of large-ish bills. I think about $300. I just sort of stared at him, to which he responded, “Just take it. I’ll make more money before dawn than you will this whole year.” I shook my head and then finally managed to say, “No, thanks.” And he shrugs and turns around back to his friends.

I don’t know why I didn’t take it, other than it just felt wrong. I wasn’t even really insulted by his comment; for all I know it was accurate. He was trying to prove something or make himself feel better about something I guess. That was four years ago and I still don’t understand. But that being said I guess I am pretty satisfied with “it just ain’t right” as a line of rationale, at least for personal situations.

And yeah I think that Juarez game just ain’t right. Maybe if it provoked the people playing to care about the real situation, but somehow I doubt that it will.


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