parque de los venados

I’m kind of convinced deer are my spirit animal. What else could be? (Answer: I could just not have a spirit animal, due to being completely out of touch with nature.)

But one tried to kill my mother, via running into and totalling her car, and ever since then I have been wearing a pair of deerskin cowboy boots from Guerrero. Also, I do firmly believe that the cattle industry should be scaled down and we should all be eating wild deer to keep their population under control.

This icon is from the famous collection of DF Metro Station icons, for a new station, Parque de los Venados on Linea 12. I love the Metro system icons and typeface… I even put some of the text on my business cards in the Metro system font.


bahamadia, “spontaneity”

HOLY CRAP. I had this song on a tape I recorded when I was 15 of some dj mixing live on St Louis community radio (KDHX 88.1 FM if you wanna know). I never knew who the song was by.

A couple of years later I learned about Bahamadia on the Roni Size/Reprazent album New Forms. She raps on the title track– this is one of my favorite songs of all time.

I’m so happy to have found the mixtape song. Since the internet got good I guess in like 1998 I have from time to time searched this song by the only lyrics I could remember clearly, “mad explosives.” Finally, just now, the song “Spontaneity” turned up …so happy that it’s by Bahamadia. I love her.