The Mexican Federal Government’s media presence is really noticeable in its ad campaigns. A lot of them are actually really good!

I thought of this one not only because it’s my favorite, but also because it is sort of related to what I wrote about earlier this evening: How big do our individual changes and contributions have to be in order for real change to happen?

Contagio – I think Real Player needs to launch to show the video. It is from the organization IFE, the Mexican Federal Electoral Institute. This particular ad is announcing the children’s mock elections that will take place in April, where kids can vote. (Yes, the Mexican federal government actually sponsors that!)

The tagline of the whole IFE 2012 election season campaign is really good, too: Lo que hace grande un país es la participación de su gente. What a country does great is the participation of its people.


internet activism

I watched that Kony 2012 video and was mildly annoyed by the guy who made it. It’s hard to be outraged by some douche in California  in comparison to the guy who has been leading bands of child warriors in Uganda for the last 20 years, which “the douche” is making me aware of for the first time.

And, as he himself doesn’t hesitate to point out, the douchey guy in California is doing something kinda interesting (cough, I mean BESIDES exposing the horrible child war lord), which is experimenting with the extent of the internet’s power to mobilize masses.

It’s not really news that even the internet has been a revolution in terms of making us more aware of what’s going on the world. And then with Egypt and stuff, people started talking about whether the internet could be a tool for helping to bring around real revolution. And then people started realizing, nah, not really: most of the people who say on the internet they care about stuff still don’t really care enough to do anything about it. And now a friend has just pointed out on facebook that we are all sharing our outrage about Trayvon Martin, but how many are actually going to reflect on what we will do about it.

But still, information and idea sharing are powerful in their own right, even if their outcomes are minute in comparison to what we hope for. But what is a minute outcome even mean, and is it significant? Continue reading


FYI as I write this other blog entry I am working on, I want you to know what I am listening to, because it is awesome.

MIDDLE EAST COAST MECCA – my friend Mike (aka DJ Mikemetic)’s radio show in Richmond, Virginia, on WRIR Richmond Independent Radio. I used to have a show there too, btw.

not blogging

In case you’re wondering why I don’t write much anymore, it’s probably because I am in a relationship now. So instead of writing my ideas on the internet now I just share them with him. Ha. But for a lot of people, including me, that happens.

However I do have an idea I feel like sharing, and the man friend is busy this weekend, so I guess I can see to it to do a blog entry. See next entry.