Writer Juan Villoro on Mexican Elections

From SDP Noticias, article talking with writer Juan Villoro on the 4 candidates for the Mexican election. Basically, “Una aplastante maquinaria ha construido a un candidato ‘inevitable’ y las encuestas repiten como oráculos que Peña Nieto va a ganar,” or, “A crushing machine has constructed an ‘inevitable’ candidate, and the polls repeat like oracles that Peña Nieto is going to win.” Villoro had previously called for the public to vote strategically for López Obrador (PRD) to keep Peña Nieto (PRI) from winning. Okay, but Villoro’s criticism of Vázquez Mota (PAN) as “a woman so ‘different’ that she seems to have testicles” seems pretty oversimplified and stupid. Not that her campaigning so hard around the fact that she is woman hasn’t been equally lame, but still. She DOES have balls– consider the likelihood that she could be shot if it looked like she were going to win. Jerk.

Anyway, even though more than half the country hates them and they are a political machine, not a party, it looks like the PRI is going to win for a combination of reasons, among them: PRI are the ones in the streets every weekend giving out soccer balls, and PRI are the ones who will give you a job with an inflated paycheck if you cooperate with them. Short-term gains. I hope this doesn’t screw up all the progress in recent years that Mexico’s credit-banking system has seen.


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