earnest confessions of the week

I have said two kind of cheesy things this week which were true. Might as well publish them, eh?

1. I really admire and want to be like George Washington. I went to Mt Vernon (George Washington’s house) a few years ago with my parents and sister, and I was really inspired. Aside from the fact that I thought it was badass he had the key to the Bastille (it’s hanging in the foyer), Washington was really a Rennaissance man. He was always learning and trying new things, and he had a diverse career. (Said to my friend Cory on Tuesday night while eating pizza.)

2. I just told my boyfriend of nearly a year I think it’s really great that I feel like I know him better now than I did a month ago.


2 responses to “earnest confessions of the week

  1. Have you seen drunk history? There’s one about George Washington’s efforts to capture his former slave that didn’t leave me with the best impression of him. That said, I haven’t read much else about him, so maybe I should expand my repertoire.

    • No, I haven’t seen that, but I am not surprised. I am glad you posted this. Of course it’s much easier to be a Rennaissance man and guard the key to the Bastille if you have free labor.

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