more cool photography and the desire to own

Thanks to WFMU‘s twitter account I just found this:


Post-its #2 by Thomas Jackson. Thomas Jackson constructs and photographs these structures. He has ones of disposable plates, cheeseballs, yarn, dixie cups. I like the contrast between crap (deferring to WFMU’s term) and the nature behind it. This morning I woke up dreaming of one of the yarn images, but in a sort of sparkly animated version.

Whenever I find art that I like I immediately want to buy it, sometimes even before I have the chance to sit back and think about why I actually appreciate it. It’s kind of materialistic, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I want to possess it, put it in my home, stare at it, show it to my friends, find out what they think about it. It’s kind of like fish tanks. I also felt this way about Sally Mann.

I am not saying I actually do buy the art, just that I want to. If it is a hundred bucks or less I do, but that is unusual.


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