also note the plaid shorts

I’ve never really been anti-gun. Actually one particularly rebellious year in college, I joined the NRA kind of to make a statement about bandwagon politics (I was studying a lot of “pomo” and absurdist narrative theory). But… well I found this photo on Facebook today, because someone I know posted it, and it just doesn’t sit right. I think for a number of associations it gives me, aside from the Aurora shooting news coverage:

1) The picture was taken in O’Fallon, Illinois (scary).

2) Not sure what kind of gun this is, but it looks like the Colt .45 I fired a couple years ago, which was ferocious and scary.

3) He is using this weapon to open a Mexican beer.

4) I just read a really in-depth story last night about escalating narcoviolence in Guadalajara due to the Zetas encroaching on the Sinaloa Cartel.

5) The Sinaloa Cartel is speculated to be one of the largest crystal meth producers worldwide.

6) Not saying this dude actually does crystal, nor that I even know for sure who he is, but this furniture, carpet, and the city of O’Fallon, Illinois, all make me think of crystal meth consumption.

In other words, this photo sums up for me, if only tangentially, a business relationship between the United States and Mexico that is estimated to be worth 10s if not 100s of billions of dollars… plus tens of thousands of lives in Mexico alone. Pinches gringos locos, culeros.


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