oh god i sound like amlo

Check out this email I just sent to the Virginia State Board of Elections (and then forwarded to my BFF who was working on the Obama campaign in Prince William County, VA). I actually know the woman who runs my county’s voting office, so I feel kind of bad and really do mean that part about not wanting to get anyone in trouble. She’s a nice lady who goes to church with my parents, and she once proactively contacted me through them about getting my absentee voting materials in on time. However, at at the same time I felt that approaching her directly about it is probably too little too late; if this is published as Virginia’s official result it’s in their hands now.

Note that Romney won by a landslide in my county and obviously Virginia is decided for Obama, so my nerding out over this wouldn’t be intended to change anything other than hopefully cleaning up administrative practices. My boyfriend told me to just face it that everything is fixed anyway, but whatever, the State Board of Elections needs to keep an eye out for these things.

Hi there,

I was just wondering who to get in touch with about questions regarding vote count verification. I noticed that for my county, Amelia, the count being reported for Barack Obama in 2012 is exactly the same number that was reported for him in 2008 (2,488 votes).

That seems like a highly improbable coincidence, and I think it raises legitimate concern that Amelia should be asked to address. Is this something the SBE has checked or will look into?

2008 results for Amelia: https://www.voterinfo.sbe.virginia.gov/election/DATA/2008/07261AFC-9ED3-410F-B07D-84D014AB2C6B/Official/00_007_s.shtml

2012 results for Amelia: http://electionresults.virginia.gov/resultsPREC.aspx?type=PRE&rid=3545232527424045364&cty=007&osn=0

I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but I think this deserves some attention.

I appreciate your attention and look forward to receiving your reply.


Mary Claire Whitaker
Absentee Voter, Amelia County
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[personal email address omitted]