17-year-old cat

My mom just wrote to say she’s euthanizing our family’s 17-year-old cat tomorrow. Because she’s skin and bones, not interested in food, and has crud in her eye. To quote. i.e., The cat is old.

The not interested in food thing happened a year and a half ago when our other cat died, but she got her appetite back eventually. I suspect this is happening again because a baby cat showed up at the house, and Madeline (the 17-year-old) has gotten depressed again.

So this is my parents’ solution now… NOT de acuerdo! I respect that this is my parents’ decision, not mine (although, if you want to hear my argument for it being the cat’s decision…). However, I do not respect this choice.

Madeline used to be a plump lil dumpling, but then our other cat Otto died and she stopped eating for a month. I didn’t recognize her when my sister sent me this picture.


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