A few weeks ago I visited an old friend in Ottawa. He gave me this gift (as well as a bunch of Tivoed RuPaul and poutine), which I will always carry with me.

a) If you don’t this music, maybe you can place its context vaguely anyway, but it’s a style of drum n bass (and the below track, jungle) mostly known for coming from UK nightclubs in the mid-90s through the early naughts, especially when it has an MC like this does. Both my friend and I (still) listen to this kind of music.

b) The music has been superimposed over real footage of churchgoers, presumably from the southern US.

c) The churchgoers dance a lot like the people who dance to the this music in nightclubs. When drum n bass and jungle DJs came to perform in nightclubs in the southern (okay midatlantic) US, I personally also danced like this.

They come from Baptazia, a site apparently started by people in the UK who realized that US Baptists freaking out can look like dnb heads freaking out.

I’ve always thought it was interesting, too, that punk rock kids also did similar freak out dances. Some were known ocassionally to show up at drum n bass events and try to out-freakout the ravers.


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